Thursday, December 09, 2004

Is Donald Trump A Total Idiot...

...or is he just drawn that way?

Tonight on The Apprentice, Reality Check was disappointed to see Kevin (negro with the heart of gold) fired and Jennifer (blonde chick who lies, loses, and takes credit for other people's ideas) move on to the final two.

After some boring interviews with rich executives who actually call Trump "The Donald," we find ourselves having no choice but to root for the white dude, Kelly, who seems like a nice guy, but a bit of a wuss. The boardroom scene with the final four was pretty painful to watch. There the four of them were, Trump pitting the men against one another, and then the women. Kelly vs. Kevin was pretty easy. Somehow the executives got the impression that Kevin both did not have hardcore street cred, but was too aggressive. That way, they get to feel superior to a brotha that is more educated than them, while maintaining their racist fantasies of black aggression. We all saw that comin.

But the ladies? Come on! Jennifer is articulate, but not really all that bright in terms of leadership or creativity. I guess all that blondeness blinded The Donald and he fired two people who won twice as project manager and kept on a woman who lost twice as PM.

Why didn't Kelly tell Trump that Jennifer took credit for Ivana's wheel idea - a simple gimmick that the poor woman didn't even understand when the team tried to explain it to her? Was it because he knew that Jennifer was a weaker player, so he didn't make the argument strongly enough? Why did Stephanie let Jennifer argue circles around her?

And will the season finale be as boring as the preview makes it look?


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